June 13, 2009



He may be a big-screen star, but it’s Zac Efron’s Web video that has people talking this week.

The cast of his upcoming feature, 17 Again, teamed up with a few celebrity pals recently to shoot a wacky video short for Efron’s funnyordie.com debut, set to air Wednesday.

Brody Jenner, Joel Madden, Queen Latifah, Justin Long, Nicole Richie, Vanessa Hudgens, Carmen Electra, Brittany Snow and Lance Bass all take part in a “pool party from hell,” according to 17 Again producer Adam Shankmen who co-directed the FOD video.

“We wanted to do something goofy including cast members, but it wasn’t a direct promotion,” Shankman tells PEOPLE of the digital short, which will premiere on FOD and then air in theaters alongside 17 Again. “It’s very, very silly. It’s Zac Efron’s nightmare pool party where Tom Lennon and Nicole Sullivan, who are also in 17 Again play his white trash uncle and aunt and come and just humiliate him in front of a hip, young Hollywood crowd and they offend literally everybody in sight.”

Some highlights? “We have Brody Jenner talking about the AIG thing,” he says, adding, “Queen Latifah is deejay trying to sell her scabies medicine.”

The Hills recap

April 7, 2009

The Hills crew was back for not one, but two, drama-packed episodes, kicking off the fifth and final season for Lauren Conrad.

Party Foul: Audrina didn’t invite Justin Bobby to Lauren’s surprise birthday bash because she wanted to avoid drama. That’s also why she didn’t invite Heidi. But Stephanie asked Heidi to be her date to the event. Heidi lied to Spencer about her plans At the party, it was immediately obvious that LC did not appreciate Heidi’s presence Lo told Heidi that LC was uncomfortable with her being there and suggested she “cut her losses and move on.”

Fight Night: Spencer went out with his pal Charlie and flirted with Stacie the bartender at The Dime. Steph’s ex Cameron witnessed the naughty repartee and texted Steph, who warned Heidi. She called Spencer, he denied it and then Spencer called Cam out for tattling. It escalated and before long, Spencer started swinging and left Cam with a bloody chin.

It’s My Party: Back at the party, LC found Heidi to get the dirt. She rationalized that fighting is what boys do and comforted a shaking Heidi until they were both crying about their issues again. Heidi apologized for causing drama at her event. LC replied, “You were my best friend but you started dating this person who did really mean things to me. I don’t like him but I still love you. I can’t be a half-friend to you.”

Spencer Brat: Once again, he showed up at Steph’s apartment questioning her family loyalty, swearing to stop calling her his sister and demanding that she stop talking to Heidi. Steph did a slightly better job of sticking up for herself and suggested that he should get other friends

Scene of the Crime: Heidi asked Stacie what happened with her and Spencer. Stacie told her about Spence trying to get her to dance on the bar naked. Heidi confronted her fiancé but he avoided eye contact, diverted blame, played dumb, repeatedly denied and made sure to get the last word. Spence sought advice from ex-friend Brody who towed the proud bachelor line, saying that he’d be mad at Heidi for believing Cam over him. Spencer later returned to The Dime and Stacie said Heidi was nuts and toasted to “no crazy girlfriends.”

Rocky Mountain Sighs: Heidi retreated to Colorado to clear her head and seek advice from her mom, who wisely pointed out that Spencer was “the common thread” in all her troubles and tried to play matchmaker with Heidi’s first love Colby

Back in Hollywood: LC had it out with Steph about bringing Heidi, but Steph stuck to her story that Heidi invited herself. When that strategy didn’t work, she switched gears wondering why she just couldn’t get along with her.She also leaned on Brody for counsel and they commiserated about having to be there for their frenemies. She concluded, “Did I miss the step where we became best friends again? The two people that they burned are the only two people they have to call.”

Khloe Kardashian might have to go, but she’s not going quietly.

The reality star was fired from Sunday’s episode of Celebrity Apprentice – not because of anything she did wrong on the show, but because of a DUI she received in 2007.

By all indications, country star Clint Black was on the chopping block until Trump learned that Kardashian had missed some of the previous week’s competition to go to a mandatory class regarding her DUI. “I hate people who drive under the influence,” Trump said in the boardroom as he fired Kardashian. “I know three families who lost children to drunken driving.”

Kardashian took to her blog to defend herself yesterday. “It wasn’t because of my work ethic, it wasn’t because I was slacking,” she writes, “It was because of my DUI. I don’t think I should have been fired for that reason alone. I just wish Mr. Trump would have handled the situation a little differently.”

Big sister Kim Kardashian also wrote on her Web site in Khloe’s defense. “I was a little disappointed at how she was given the boot,” she writes. “She obviously made an awful mistake but definitely has taken responsibility for her actions and we are all very proud of her.”

Kim ended her blog post on an upbeat note: “I’m glad she’s home.”


Talk about a shotgun wedding.

Bodyguards for Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen opened fire on photographers at the couple’s second wedding outside the model’s home in Costa Rica early Saturday evening.

No one was injured, but a bullet smashed through the rear window of the photographers’ SUV and then through the front windshield.

“At that moment, I thought was going to die,” lensman Rolando Aviles told the New York Post. “The bullet went between us, missing our heads. If the bullet had been a little more to the left or right, it would have killed one of us.”

Aviles said he and colleague Yuri Cortez, both freelance photographers for the INF photo agency, had permission from Bundchen’s neighbor to shoot the wedding ceremony from a vista about 300 feet away from the ceremony. (Bunchen had sold official photographs to a Brazilian magazine.)
As they started snapping shots, the couple’s bodyguards chased after them, according to Aviles.

The two ran their separate ways.

Aviles’ colleague made it back to their SUV first and was greeted by a Brady bodyguard.

According to the Post, Aviles quoted the guard as saying, ” Tom Brady just wants to talk to you. It’s OK, nothing’s going to happen.”
When the photographers went back to Bundchen’s house, three members of the wedding party and five bodyguards surrounded them.

Brady’s best man reportedly yelled, “Take a picture of me now, you f- – -er! F- – – you,” according the Post.

Not wanting to get into a fight, the photographers left the scene. As they were pulling away, a guard fired a shot, with a .38-caliber bullet blowing out the back windshield and hitting a front windshield wiper. The bullet eventually landed between the two photographers.

Said Aviles, “I thought this was going to be my last job.”


Demi Moore used her Twitter account to save the life of a suicidal woman.

A woman sent the actress a message on the social networking site Friday that said: “Getting a knife, a big one that is sharp. Going to cut my arm down the whole arm so it doesn’t waste time.”In response, Demi re-posted her message on her own Twitter page, adding, “Hope you are joking.”

She told her followers in the post that she just couldn’t let the message go unnoticed.

“Everyone I was very torn about responding or retweeting that woman’s post but felt uncomfortable just letting it go,” Moore tweeted.

Some of the 380,000 followers of Moore (her Twitter name is mrskutcher, after her husband Ashton Kutcher) responded to her post, saying that they had reached out to police.

“The twitterverse is on the case just called silicon valley pd to report this woman many others had called. fingers crossed,” one user wrote in a post.

A rep for the San Jose Police Department said they “received several phone calls” about the woman starting at 3 a.m. on Friday, Access Hollywood reports. Police were able to locate the woman, who had not yet hurt herself.

Moore and Kutcher were both thankful when they found out the woman was safe.

Kutcher tweeted: “Wifey reported a suicide attempt based on a at reply tweet she got and saved someones life. The woman is in the hospital now.”

Moore also thanked her followers for their help.

“Thanks everyone for reaching out to the San Jose PD i am told they are aware and no need to call anymore. I do not know this woman,” she wrote. “I am inspired by the enormous response of humanity here and thank you…”

She added most recently: “Today was a prime example of the power of collective consciousness and our incredible ability to create change when we come together!”

Heidi Montag isn’t shedding too many tears as Lauren Conrad prepares for her final season of The Hills, airing Monday.

“We don’t need her,” she tells MTV News. “We’ll miss her. I just don’t know if we need her.”

Montag says she wasn’t “surprised” when her former BFF told Us Weekly exclusively that she is leaving the hit MTV show.

“I know she hasn’t been wanting to be doing this for a while, and [the life she really leads] is not on camera,” she says. “So I think it’s a closing chapter for her. I’m sure she’ll have fun and success.”

Adds Montag, “She’s gotta leave the dramas to the pros! I love The Hills and I definitely don’t want to go anywhere anytime soon. That’s my home and I’m so grateful to be on it, so we’ll see.”

Meanwhile, Montag is at work on her debut album, which she hopes to drop by the end of the summer. Don’t expect Lady Gaga to be on it.

“I can’t get over that she is a huge pop icon of the world,” Montag’s beau Spencer Pratt dissed Friday on Q100 Atlanta’s The Bert Show. “People are acting like she’s the new Britney Spears … I don’t know even why this girl gets so much attention and press. I guess if you dress like a fool and have crazy, ridiculous haircuts, people start paying attention.”

“People are calling Lady Gaga the pop princess, [so] what’s Heidi – the pop queen?” he added.

Asked to name five artists Montag is more talented than, Pratt said,
“Madonna, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Beyonce and Christina Aguilera.”

“I wouldn’t even compare them to Heidi’s level,” he went on. “I am in the studio everyday with Heidi I know what’s coming. I can make claims like that.”

Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift both showed up at the CMA’s last night wearing beautiful dresses.


Well not really

Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas are teaming up to record Disney tune “Pass It On.” The pair haven’t worked together since their December 2007 split.

“Pass It On,” is the Disney version of the star-studded “We Are the World.” Kevin and Joe Jonas are also expected to lend their vocals to the song, which will be recorded later this week, E! News reports.
The video will be shot on Saturday.

Cyrus told Ryan Seacrest earlier today that she’s remained close with Nick, who recently broke up with Selena Gomez.

“We don’t hate each other. We really love each other,” she said. “He’s really cool and I’m happy we’ve been able to stay friends.”

“Everyone thinks that me and the Jonas Brothers have this big feud going on — [but] me and Nick are really close friends now,” she continued. “We talk all the time and he’s one of my best friends.”

How things have changed since she penned the tune “7 Things I Hate About You” and dyed her hair black after they called it quits.

“At first I bawled for a month straight,” she told Seventeen last September. “I was so sad. I just went into this weird funk.”

Which American Idol contestant has earned famous fan Miley Cyrus’ votes this season?

“Allison [Iraheta]’s my favorite!” Cyrus, 16, told Ryan Seacrest on his KIIS-FM radio show Thursday. “I’ve been texting with her.”cyrus-iraheta-b
Cyrus stopped by the Idol set this week to tape a performance of her new single, “The Climb,” to be aired in an upcoming episode. “It went great and I had a lot of fun,” she enthused.

The singer also got a chance to mingle with the season 8 contestants, and says she was wooed by Adam Lambert.

“Adam said I looked gorgeous, which was nice!” Cyrus told Seacrest.

Were there any sparks there, the host asked Cyrus.

“He’s not my type,” she quips. “He wears eyeliner!”