Alexis Grace voted off American Idol

March 19, 2009

Alexis Grace was voted off American Idol tonight after a very tough elimination, first Randy forgot her name and accidently called her Allison. Then the judges said if Alexis’ final song was good enough they could possibly use the save on her.

So as she struggled through her last song( it looked like she was just mad, and about to cry at the same time) the judges huddled toggether, pointing at her, shaking their heads , talking backand forth, WHILE SHE WAS SINGING RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM!

But after she tried her hardest to sing, Simon announced that they decided unanimously to not save her! alexis-grace-top-12-american-idol


One Response to “Alexis Grace voted off American Idol”

  1. Oddly, although Alexis was from Memphis, I never thought she had a country sound or feel, and the problem with the American Idol format is that a singer can get voted off because of the music format in a given week.

    The idea of “singing for your life” by having to sing Jolene again, doesn’t seem to make any sense because Alexis’ problem was that it was the wrong song for her. She should have been allowed to sing to her strength and remind the judges why she was there.

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