New album title for the jonas brothers

March 19, 2009

Lines, Vines, and Trying Times is the tentative title for the Jonas Brothers fourth album. the brothers recently jonas-albumtalked about the new album, due out June 15

Nick, ‘Lines are something that someone feeds you, vines are the things that get in the way, and trying times, well, that’s obvious.’ The brothers tell fans to expect more ultra-catchy pop like the new song ‘Poison Ivy’, a Weezer-ish tune about a toxic girl you can’t resist.

Nick Jonas told Billboard: ‘We’re trying to learn as much as we can, continuing to grow.’ Kevin added: ‘The overall message is its the same old Jonas Brothers, in a sense, but we’re adding more and more music, including different musical instruments that are going to add and build to the sound we already have.’

Nick said the songs on the album are ‘our journal in songs, about all things we’ve gone through, personal experiences we get inspiration from. We’ve also been working on trying to use metaphors.. to kind of mask a literal thing that happens to us.’ Scan credit: NickJOnline.


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