Nick Jonas dating Jordan Pruitt

March 24, 2009


Nick Jonas is dating Jordan Pruitt.. again. According to Betty Confidential, Nick and Jordan his spent ‘copious amounts of time together on the Disney set of his new show in Los Angeles.’

Jordan began her music career touring with the Jonas Brothers and they’ve been close friends since. Recently their friendship turned in to romance. Last week filming finished on JONAS, Jordan was at the wrap party to support Nick.

The insider revealed: ‘They are very cute together and Jordan made many stops to Nick’s trailer during the filming of the show. They began dating two months ago and Nick is constantly sending her text messages.

They have quite a cute young relationship, not too serious, and she gets
along great with Joe and Kevin. They have been friends for years, so is a very comfortable relationship.’ Was Nick cheating on Selena with Jordan? The source dished: ‘Definitely not! Nick and Selena ended as great friends.’


23 Responses to “Nick Jonas dating Jordan Pruitt”

  1. Michele said

    Jordan Pruitt deserves better


  3. my nam is miranda whats ab?

  4. emma said

    yo no abla espano.l i dont speakie spanis. soz. soo i have no idea what yall just said and nick jonas is kinda old news… taylor lautner is like HAWT now so get with the times! hellooo. sorry that was kinda mean. i apologize. there. byeee peoplez!

  5. diana said

    oh god nick you´re so pretty !!! and ABRI thje girl who say WHAT IS DAITING ? es SALIENDOO COMO EN UNA CITA 🙂 bye nick i ❤ u

  6. magaly said

    nick jonas sos el mejor te amo magaly y abril de paraguay

  7. magaly said

    nick sos el mejor te amo magaly abril paraguay

  8. fany=) said

    no solo ke nick esta vien wapo
    y ermoso y le comvien salir con la ke le esta dando un veso en una foto de google

    solo keria desir eso
    ok vay te kiere mil

    sandra estefany saucedo castillo 🙂

  9. Anonymous said

    miley and nidk is a good pair

  10. sarah said

    hi nick u are so hot and i am one of your biggest fans i go to all of your consets love sarahp.s u are hot

  11. Anonymous said

    que asco qr este com elle yo digo que este com MEILY CYRUS

  12. florencia said

    yo digo que vayas a por monton esa no tepega pero es guapa

  13. abri said

    que mierda es dating?

  14. Anonymous said


  15. Marissa said

    Im Just Wondering… Why Do You Assume That Nick Jonas Is Dating Jordan??How Do You Know That They Arn’t Just Friends? You Know How Nick Jonas Feels When He Hears All This Gossip About Him. Just Stop Okay.

  16. milly said

    II relly don;t like theis you like her. I rather kiss Hanna than her.did you kiss her. did you go on a date with her .you are my fan so you should like hanna because she is my fan and pluss yourl march.theis girl does)t march with you.I think that you shad be single.why are you with girl .you shad breakup. there are many pritty girls aound the would.but I want you to be single.I hope you get a girl thats my are a nice boy and everygirl likes you and I want you to be happy not sad.I hope milly and you get togther.hey its me milly i like you and you are a nice boy but i want yourl to be togher for every

  17. lupita said

    yo digo que no se ven bien por que estas gorda

  18. gossiperrrrrr said

    we know its an old picture because there is no new pictures of them together, but this story was just released, because supposedly they are now together

  19. Becca said

    Um….wow, that’s a VERY old picture.
    if you can’t tell it’s an old picture, then you must be blind. Nick does not have that hair anymore. His hair much shorter.

    hah, whoever made up this rumor is freakin’ ridiculous.

  20. gossiperrrrrr said


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