Security Guards fire shots at gisels and Tom’s wedding!

April 6, 2009


Talk about a shotgun wedding.

Bodyguards for Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen opened fire on photographers at the couple’s second wedding outside the model’s home in Costa Rica early Saturday evening.

No one was injured, but a bullet smashed through the rear window of the photographers’ SUV and then through the front windshield.

“At that moment, I thought was going to die,” lensman Rolando Aviles told the New York Post. “The bullet went between us, missing our heads. If the bullet had been a little more to the left or right, it would have killed one of us.”

Aviles said he and colleague Yuri Cortez, both freelance photographers for the INF photo agency, had permission from Bundchen’s neighbor to shoot the wedding ceremony from a vista about 300 feet away from the ceremony. (Bunchen had sold official photographs to a Brazilian magazine.)
As they started snapping shots, the couple’s bodyguards chased after them, according to Aviles.

The two ran their separate ways.

Aviles’ colleague made it back to their SUV first and was greeted by a Brady bodyguard.

According to the Post, Aviles quoted the guard as saying, ” Tom Brady just wants to talk to you. It’s OK, nothing’s going to happen.”
When the photographers went back to Bundchen’s house, three members of the wedding party and five bodyguards surrounded them.

Brady’s best man reportedly yelled, “Take a picture of me now, you f- – -er! F- – – you,” according the Post.

Not wanting to get into a fight, the photographers left the scene. As they were pulling away, a guard fired a shot, with a .38-caliber bullet blowing out the back windshield and hitting a front windshield wiper. The bullet eventually landed between the two photographers.

Said Aviles, “I thought this was going to be my last job.”


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